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Frank Karro Zoe Sophia
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As Seller

Sell your Bubble.io and Webflow components

Follow these simple steps to start earning income from your masterpieces.

Upload to Framify

With a simple and secure upload process, get your components hosted on our platform.

Write a few sentences about the component

Organize Your Work

Place your various components into specific folders for better organization.

Use folders to group and easily find your components.

  • Minimalistic Landing Page
  • E-Commerce Kit
  • SaaS landing page
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Become a Seller

Before you can convert folders into UI Kits, fill in some details to become a seller on our platform.

Convert to UI Kit

Once you've organized your components into a folder and became a seller, convert the folder into a UI Kit, and it's ready for the marketplace!

Earnings After Fee

This is how much you'll earn after the fees are deducted.

Sale price 120$
Fee 5.5$
Net Earnings 114.5$

Use or Earn

What makes Framify's marketplace so special?

Why settle for just designing when you can also earn and get recognized? Discover compelling reasons to submit your Bubble.io and Webflow UI Kits on Framify. From effortless uploading to multiple streams of income, find out how our platform amplifies your design journey.

Effortless Uploading.
Our interface makes uploading components a breeze. Simply create your component and click "Save to Framify"
You've become a seller, assigned components to a folder? Convert your folder to a kit, set your price and earn with every sale
High Visibility.
Gain exposure by showcasing your UI Kits to a large and targeted audience.
Quality Control.
Our platform ensures each UI Kit meets a high standard of quality.
Seller Dashboard.
Track your sales, earnings, and performance all in one place.
Community Support.
Engage with a community of like-minded designers for collaboration and support.

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As Buyer

How to Buy Kits on Framify

Find out how effortlessly you can add premium components to your project with our streamlined buying process and user-friendly Chrome Extension. Your next big idea is just a few clicks away

Explore and Choose

Browse our extensive library of high-quality, vetted UI Kits and components. Use filters to find the perfect match for your project needs.

Webflow components


Webflow Developer
SaaS Landing page
Jack Sparrow


Webflow components


Webflow Developer
Minimal Dashboard
Jack Sparrow


Purchase Securely

Once you've found what you're looking for, proceed to a secure checkout. We offer multiple payment options for your convenience.







Invoices and receipts available if you've filled out your profile with company details

Access Through Your Account

After a successful payment, the UI Kit or individual components will be added directly to your Framify account. You can manage and access your purchases anytime.

SaaS Landing page
Minimal Dashboard

Copy-Paste Bliss

Easily copy and paste the components into your existing projects on Bubble.io or Webflow. Our components are designed to be plug-and-play.

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Enjoy the Results

Witness your project transform instantly with the new design elements. Customize as needed and get ready to launch!


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Benefits of Using or Submitting UI Kits on Framify

Whether you're a designer looking to monetize your skills or a developer in search of the perfect UI components, Framify offers a win-win. Learn how our platform benefits both sellers and buyers, from seamless uploads and easy kit creation for sellers, to quality, vetted designs and fast implementation for buyers.


Ease of Use

Whether you're uploading or copying, Framify makes it simple to work with components created on Bubble.io and Webflow.


Quality Guaranteed

All kits and components are vetted for top-notch quality and performance, giving both sellers and buyers peace of mind.


Streamlined Workflow

Sellers can effortlessly convert folders to UI kits, while buyers can quickly implement components into their projects, saving everyone time and effort.


Monetize or Optimize

As a seller, turn your design talent into a profitable venture. As a buyer, find cost-effective solutions to elevate your projects.


Safe and Secure

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with secure transactions and ongoing customer support for both sellers and buyers.


Community and Collaboration

Gain exposure and access to a thriving community of designers and developers, perfect for networking, support, and collaborative opportunities.

Bubble.io & Webflow components & UI Kit marketplace all in one.

Frank Karro Zoe Sophia
from 80+ reviews
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