Peeling the Bubble: Uncovering Security Missteps on
Andero Avastu

Web Developer, CEO of Framify


Peeling the Bubble: Uncovering Security Missteps on has emerged as a haven for aspiring developers and businesses, offering a streamlined pathway to web development sans coding. However, every rose comes with thorns. This article ventures into some unnoticed security blind spots within's framework, spotlighting potential risks and providing insights on bolstering security.

    An Unexpected Revelation

    A visit to a course website unveils a disconcerting security loophole, shedding light on the importance of a robust security framework even in educational platforms.

    The “reset_pw” Page Conundrum

    The seemingly harmless password reset option on a Bubble course website unfolds a security loophole, underscoring the criticality of secure password management practices.

    Temporary Passwords: A Trojan Horse?

    Uncover how temporary passwords, when mishandled, could become a potential entry point for unauthorized access, emphasizing the need for secure password reset mechanisms.

    The Main Takeaway

    Illustrating the peril of front-end actions in password management and the requisite of handling such crucial actions in the back-end to thwart potential security breaches.

    A Veil of Ignorance

    Even the experts aren't exempt from overlooking this vulnerability, a reminder of the continuous learning curve in the ever-evolving domain of web security.

    Scrutinizing Top Bubble Apps

    A venture into the top 100 Bubble apps seeking similar security oversights, providing a broader perspective on the prevailing security landscape.

    The Enigmatic ‘test_xx’ Page

    Stumble upon an odd page within a Bubble app, unraveling a security oversight that highlights the necessity for stringent authentication measures.

    Deciphering the “Random” Buttons

    Unveiling the hidden workflows behind innocuous buttons, spotlighting the potential dangers of overlooked test pages in the application.

    The Peril of Plain-Text Credentials

    Discover how plain-text credentials could lead to catastrophic security breaches, emphasizing the imperative of secure coding practices.

    The Golden Rule of Security

    A simple yet profound rule for ensuring security on, acting as a beacon for developers navigating the waters.

    Closing Thoughts: Safeguarding Your Bubble

    Encapsulating the essence of vigilance and proactive security measures in ensuring a safe and secure web development journey on & Webflow components & UI Kit marketplace all in one.

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