BubbleBuilder became Framify: A New Chapter of Web Development
Andero Avastu

Web Developer, CEO of Framify


BubbleBuilder became Framify: A New Chapter of Web Development

Embark on a journey through the transformative evolution of BubbleBuilder as it morphs into Framify, unveiling a new chapter filled with innovative features, broader integrations, and a thriving community for web developers. Get a glimpse of how Framify is reshaping the web development landscape, offering a more inclusive and enriched platform for both Bubble.io and Webflow enthusiasts.

    The Genesis of Transformation

    BubbleBuilder: The Initial Chapter

    BubbleBuilder emerged as a trusted companion for Bubble.io developers, offering a rich library of UI components and workflows. It was more than just a platform; it was a community where ideas transformed into digital realities with ease.

    Framify: The New Horizon

    As the digital canvas expanded, so did the vision of BubbleBuilder, giving birth to Framify. Framify is not just a rebranding, but a manifestation of a broader vision that caters to a larger audience, integrating not just Bubble.io but Webflow into its realm.

    Bridging Creative Realms: Webflow Integration

    Webflow integration in Framify is a game-changer, offering a unified platform for developers to toggle between Bubble.io and Webflow projects seamlessly. It’s about breaking the barriers and expanding the creative horizons for every developer out there.

    Aiding Imagination: The AI Site Builder

    In days of creative drought or tight deadlines, the AI Site Builder comes as a knight in shining armor. With a single click, watch as your ideas get a digital face, accelerating the project timelines while ensuring quality isn’t compromised.

    Marketplace: A Community of Innovators

    The Marketplace in Framify is more than just a hub of pre-made components. It’s a vibrant community where creators can upload, share, and monetize their component kits. It’s about fostering a culture of sharing, learning, and growing together.

    Tailoring Pages with Ease: The Page Builder

    Assemble, customize, and export your pages effortlessly with the Page Builder. Whether it’s tweaking the texts or choosing different component variations, crafting pages to perfection has never been easier.

    Embracing The Future

    Framify has not only carried forward the legacy of BubbleBuilder but has taken a giant leap towards creating a more collaborative and innovative environment for web developers. It’s not just about building pages; it’s about building a community that thrives on creativity and innovation.

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    Bubble.io & Webflow components & UI Kit marketplace all in one.

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