Bubble.io Roadmap for Native Mobile App Builder
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Bubble.io Roadmap for Native Mobile App Builder

Bubble.io announces its beta roadmap for a new native mobile app builder, enabling users to create fully native iOS and Android apps with ease. Discover the upcoming features and how they can revolutionize your mobile development process.

    What is Bubble.io's Native Mobile App Builder?

    Bubble.io’s native mobile app builder aims to simplify mobile app development by enabling users to create fully native apps for both iOS and Android. Built on React Native, this tool leverages the power of a cross-platform framework to render native code, providing a seamless experience for mobile app creation.

    Key Features of the Mobile App Builder

    Building Fully Native Apps

    • Cross-Platform Development: Bubble’s mobile apps are developed using React Native, ensuring compatibility and native performance on both iOS and Android.
    • Native UI Components: Utilize native UI components such as bottom sheets, define native navigation patterns like tab bars, and use native gestures like long press to trigger workflows, ensuring a true native look and feel.
    • Dynamic Lists and Swipe Actions: Create performant dynamic lists with built-in swipe actions for an enhanced user experience.

    Integration with Mobile Device Functionality

    • Device Capabilities: Access essential device functionalities such as the camera, photo library, location services, and biometric authentication.
    • Offline Capabilities: Define offline read-only behavior for your apps to ensure functionality even without an internet connection.
    • Push Notifications: Send push notifications to keep your app’s end-users engaged and informed.

    Testing and Deployment

    • BubbleGo App: Test your app directly on your device using BubbleGo, a new mobile app from Bubble, eliminating the need for TestFlight or Android Studio.
    • Direct Publishing: Submit your app to Google Play Console and App Store Connect for review directly from the Bubble editor, streamlining the deployment process.

    Beta Features Roadmap

    Nick shared an exciting sneak peek of the beta roadmap, outlining the core capabilities and enhancements users can look forward to:

    1. End-to-End Mobile Development: Enabling users to leverage comprehensive mobile development capabilities and publish apps to Apple and Google app stores.
    2. Integration with Existing Bubble Apps: Start from scratch or build on data, styles, and backend workflows of existing Bubble apps.
    3. Native UI and Navigation: Build with native components and navigation patterns for a seamless user experience.

    Beta Timeline and Community Involvement

    The team has made significant progress since the alpha release, thanks to feedback from 30 community members involved in testing. Based on this feedback, the roadmap for the beta has been finalized. Originally slated for Q3, the beta invites will now start in early Q4 due to recent urgent stability efforts.

    Join the Beta Waitlist

    If you’re not yet on the waitlist for the beta, you can sign up here.


    Bubble.io’s native mobile app builder is set to revolutionize the way we approach mobile app development, offering a robust platform to build fully native apps with ease. Whether you’re starting fresh or integrating with an existing Bubble app, these new tools provide the functionality and flexibility needed to create high-quality mobile applications. Stay tuned for more updates as Bubble.io continues to enhance this exciting new feature!

    Explore these new features and get ready to transform your mobile app development process with Bubble.io's native mobile app builder.

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